You will find a great variety of plants, a good number of which are grown on our grounds in Mendionde. Waiting for you, a large choice of ornamental trees, fruit-trees, shrubs as well as plenty of hardy plants !



A great number of the fruit-trees you will see at La Jardinerie Lafitte come from our production site in Mendionde. These trees will easily get accustomed to your gardens. Come and see our local variety of apple-trees like the Gordin Xuria, the Anizai, the Apez Sagarra or the Uzta Gorria. You will also find Xapata, Peloa and other cherry-trees. These breeds come to enrich the number of varieties traditionally grown everywhere in France. The chestnut-tree is one of the great specialties in our production. Trees were selected and grafted by the company founder Germain Lafitte with the aim to develop and reinforce characteristics best adapted to our region. Germain Lafitte notably created such specific breeds as ëEderrai, ëIpharrai and ëMarkii. A fruit-tree will be an ornament casting a cool shade on your garden while producing delicious fruit. The perfect combination.


This type of plant is the mark of a patient and truly passionate gardener. Delicate and beautiful flowers grown in acid soil protected from the sun : Azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, decorative heather. Evergreen shrub hedges make very effective landscape limits protecting your privacy. They can be planted either in line or at varying levels. Different or of a single kind, ornamental shrub hedges will add visual depth to your garden. Mediterranean trees and shrubs often invite themselves to your garden : Bottlebrush (callistemon), and pink laurels, for example. Don’t forget olive trees. These can sometimes be more than one thousand years old and yet get used to our region when transplanted, but beware of our humid climate!



Queen of flowers, the rose has it all: Beauty, colour, scent, resistance. Rose-trees are a must in any garden. Unconditionnally elegant, the rose flower can either be cut and put in a vase or left on the rose-tree. We sell a number of prestigious varieties: Delbard, Meilland or Reuter.


There are many different sorts of palm trees, although we mostly encounter the phoenix, chamaerops, and dracaena types. Visit the palm tree area of our nursery and you will discover livistonias, darsylirions, butias etc. Their shapes, colours and textures will strike you. See the Brahea Armata, for example.




They come in all sizes, colours and shapes. You must plant ornamental trees to give elevation and shade but also to impose a degree of majesty to your garden. Oaks, Hickories, Maples, these are tall, noble and patient trees. Liquidambars, Ginkos or the spectacular colours of a Virginia Tulip Tree in the fall. Judas trees, cherry blossoms, or the magic sweet smell of magnolias. Albizzias, Mulberries, Sycamores in the shade of which summer siestas can be so delicious. Eucalyptus, Privets and Mimosas all keep dense foliage in winter.


Evergreen or not, large or small, their blossoms mark the passing of seasons. They announce the coming of spring. Forsythias and Quince-trees are first noticed. Summer nearing, the garden is bathed in the wonderful scent of lilacs and pink laurels let the warm wind blow on their bright-coloured flowers. Coming fall, heathers and laurestines start flowering. When they loose their leaves, the Japanese Katsuras smell of caramel. As true actors of your garden, they keep changing the look of it all year long.



We offer a wide choice of cut fir-trees. Christmas trees are also sold balled-and-burlapped or in a pot. You may transplant your tree after the holidays. All sizes and shapes to suit your taste. Abies Nordman or Spruce, your tree will inevitably be the most beautiful. Young and old will love looking at it in awe.


They extend your garden and give your walls holiday flair: Bougainvillea, Jasmine, honeysuckle, Virginia creeper, etc. The best way to dress-up a bungalow or hide the tool-shack!.


Lemon trees, orange-trees, Kumquats, but also Citron and Calamondin. These persistent small trees will bear fruit for many months and bring lots of pleasure to nature lovers.