It keeps changing all the time, as seasons go by.



Covered with flowers of all colours in the spring, you’ll find there all the plants you need for your flower beds:

Petunias, marigolds, sage, surfinias and geraniums.

Some of these flowers can live through our mild winters: Such varieties as anthemis, euryops, lantana, agatha.





Vivacious flowers will stay with you for years :

saxifrage, delphinium, hollyhock, aubrieta or sagina.




Some others will grow cascading from your balconies or from suspended planters, such as: Water hyssop, petunia, million bells, sanvitalia and bindweed.

Chrysanthemums will colour your garden in the fall. Pansies and violets will bloom in winter. Faithful to their name, primroses will announce the coming of spring.



Enjoy the ever-changing colours of our flower market !