How to plan, lay out and create a sports area? What work does it involve? Lafitte Sport’s Specialty :

  •  Natural and synthetic grounds/turfs (sports arenas/stadiums).
  •  Equestrian sand grounds (horse riding/training arenas).
  •  Golf courses.
  •  Running tracks.
  •  Automated watering systems.
  •  Fencing and play park equipment/furniture.


The Sport International Spirit

As a member of Sport International, Lafitte Sport is dedicated to providing the ultimate best solutions applicable to the creation, renovation, maintenance and technical diagnosis of your sports facilities.

Range of activities :

  •  Creation of natural turf sports grounds. 1st &, 2nd League and Top 14.
  •  Creation of soccer, rugby and multiport synthetic fields.
  •  Renovation and maintenance of natural grass turfs.
  •  Creation of equestrian (horse riding) grounds, riding school arenas and race tracks.
  •  Creation and renovation of golf courses.
  •  Creation of running tracks (sports stadiums).

Key figures :

  •  1.3 million Square metres of turf sowed or sowed-over per year.
  •  3.5 million Square metres of grounds were drained using Draingazon & Drain Laser. The size of 500 stadiums.