1930 Germain Lafitte starts growing Japanese chestnut trees
1935 Production and sale of fruit trees
1948 Production of forest trees and reforestation work
1952 Establishment of ENTREPRISE G. LAFITTE, specializing in garden design and maintenance
1958 Natural gas is discovered the Lacq area, in Mourenx.
Germain Lafitte hires 60 people to respond to landscaping needs around the new Pechiney factory and the newly developing city of Mourenx.
1960 Germain’s Lafitte’s two daughters and son-in-law enroll in the company. All three have graduated from l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Horticulture de Versailles.
Marie-Andrée ARBELBIDE becomes head of nurseries while Emilie and Maurice FAIZON develop landscaping activities
1966 The Mail Order business begins. 40,000 illustrated catalogues are sent all over France
1972 A new nursery is created in Arrayoz, Navarra, aiming at the Spanish market. It is named Viveros Zubiria
1989 Opening of Jardinerie Lafitte, in Bayonne
1985 Lafitte becomes a member of the SPORT INTERNATIONAL group
1993 Lafitte Nurseries expand to newly acquired plots of land in Labastide-Clairence
2002 Isabelle FAIZON-BEDBEDER succeeds Marie-Andrée ARBELBIDE at the head of Lafitte Nurseries
2003 Lafitte extends to Lafitte Paysage. Development of new processes applicable to the design and renovation of sports areas, in conjunction with the SPORT INTERNATIONAL group
2004 A new animal shop is added to Jardinerie Lafitte
2005 Opening of a new Lafitte Paysage Agency in Denguin
2006 New tracts of land planted for Lafitte Nurseries in Bonloc

New Heated Greenhouse at Jardinerie Lafitte. Establishment of Lafitte Services

2010 Lafitte Paysage invests in a Logistics Hub and new company headquarters in Mendionde
2011 Jardinerie Lafitte is refurbished